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Problem with moniters


(I have no idea what this issue classifies as so I'm putting it here, if it's the wrong section I apologize)


I recently gained to a "Dell Thunderbolt Dock – WD19TBS" and plugged it into my MacBook Air 2020, there are 2 moniters plugged into the Dock and they work perfectly fine on the Dell Laptops here in the office, but when the MacBook is plugged in it flashed the desktop for a split second, then proceeds to go black, I have tried restarting multiple times, installing the DisplayLink software, changing the resolution, unplugging and replugging the thunderbolt cable, unplugging and replugging the DP cables, restarting the moniters, setting the resolution as the moniter has stated, and searching for displays in system prefrences, is there anything I could possibly try? (all the other ports on the Dock works as intended)


(I did get it to display a very low resolution screen properly once, but I have no idea what made it work)


If you have ANY information that might help me please tell me since I am really desperate to get this working

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