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Heatsink for a mini-Pc (I think this goes in motherboard)

So I think it would go in motherboard, because it would need the socket format for the heatsink right?


So I have this gigabyte brix gb-brr7h-4800-bwus GIGABYTE BRIX GB-BRR7H-4800-BWUS Ultra Compact PC Kit (AMD Barebone AMD, Include AMD RYZEN R7-4800U CPU) - Newegg.com


8c16t 64GB of RAM 500GB NVME and 1TB SSD. Things get a bit toasty inside this little box, and after pulling everything out and seeing how tiny the fan is for the heatsink, I wish that the box was maybe 1 inch taller, and a better heatsink on it. 


Does anyone know how I would figure out what the hole layouts are for the heatsink? Maybe I could get a better one (I would 3D print out a new case if I got a bigger one), or Just somehow jerryrig a 120mm fan on there with something to direct the airflow. 

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