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GTX 670 no boot after install


Hi everyone,  


I installed a Windforce Gigabyte GTX 670 card and the system just turns on and off in an endless loop.  No post, no ability to enter BIOS with the card installed or boot to Windows 10.



CPU:  i5-10400
Motherboard:  Msi bazooka b460m (Does not have the latest BIOS update installed, currently set to CSM not UEFI)
RAM:  2133MHz 16GB G Skill Ripjaws 
PSU:  Corsair tx 850W 
SSD: samsung evo m.2 nvme
Coolermaster Hyper 212 heatsink+fan 
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

What I have tried:

- System does boot fine with no card.  Integrated graphics are working well.  

- System boots fine and runs well with a GTX 750ti GPU installed (which requires no PCIe power plug from the PSU)

- System boots fine and runs well with a NVIDIA Quadro K2200 GPU (also requires no PCIe power plug)

- System does not post or boot with a GTX 1660 Super (I suspect this card does not work, though have not tried it in a different system yet) the fans spin at a higher speed and no display.  Also a       DisplayPort port sparked initally.  

- Swapped out the Corsair TC850W Power Supply for a Thermaltake SmartSeries 600W PSU in the event the PCIe plugs were faulty.  No change at all. 


This rules out (to the best of my knowledge):

- Faulty RAM

- Faulty Motherboard

- Faulty CPU

- Faulty PCIe express lane on MB

- Faulty PSU


My fears:

- GTX 670 & 1660 Super are faulty


Any ideas are welcome! 



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