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EPIC games *offline mode* doesn't work?

Mark Kaine



And yes, i set it to "offline browsing" while i was online (lol)


Ethernet cable is disconnected, so I am actually "offline" yet it still wants to connect to the internet?


So i looked on the internet, you can skip this with "sign in later", ("continue in offline mode" simply doesn't work and brings me back to that same window) but it still wouldn't let me launch a game... 


Did anyone get this to work?


the game is SOTTR btw, a single player game... i know they say you need an epic account to play, which i obviously have... they dont say anywhere that you need to be online , at least i havent seen that, but that would essentially mean "offline mode" is simply not a thing (yet ive seen people claiming it works for them using "tricks")






The direction tells you... the direction

-Scott Manley, 2021



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