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(Headphones) Looking for an audio splitter solution.


So I have the beginnings of a headphone/amp collection and the DAC I've been using has a balanced XLR out, composite out, and digital coax out, all of which I've used up. As I collect more amps I'm gonna need more analog outputs for them and while some of that problem can be fixed with buying more DACs, I'd really like to find some sort of long-term solution. My dream is to be able to have all my amps wired and ready to use at a moments notice. I image this will come in the form of a patch panel of some kind, but I'm interested in if there is a solution that can include several standards at once, particularly digital coax, RCA, and maybe XLR. As is stands it would be sort of an overkill solution, but in the future I plan to have a dedicated set of shelves or maybe even a rack to have amps ready to go. 


Any suggestions for what I could do or even any comments on anything I said here is welcome.

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