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Media recommandation for 4K HDR tv



We recently purchased a new Hisense 65U7G (4K HDR10+, Android tv ) to replace a 8 y.o. 1080p 60" tv. We do see some nice upgrade in the picture quality but would like to use the TV to its capacity.


I'm running a Plex server over WiFi from my computer and it went fine for my old tv with a Roku stick. I tried to stream some 4k HDR10 content but the TV can't seem to cache content faster than we can watch. I understand that the bit rate is much higher in this case.


What would you guys recommend?

- External drive in the TV USB

- Encoding the movie while keeping the best quality as possible

- Nvidia shield

- Anything else?


I sadly cannot run a lan cable from the pc to the router.



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of the options nvidia shield TV is a monster upgrade, even the newer stick version is smooth for 4k hdr. If you can find a used Shield TV pro or even the older shield TV for <200$ it's the best you can get before you start getting into laptops.


TV usb may be usb2.0 and won't have the throughput for 4k let alone 4k hdr


encoding will reduce some image quality but might be worth experimenting with different bit rates if the compression isn't noticeable.

most tv's are running dual core or sometimes 4core processors which just won't stand up to anything uncompressed, you can always try x265 instead of the more common x264 to reduce the file transfer rate needed but then you are putting all the strain on the internal processor to decode a more compressed stream.


ethernet over power or a repeater can also help if there is a lower signal strength near the TV, this is likely from the TV's wifi being much worse than the Roku stick

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Nvidia Shield gets my vote. I have the 2019 Pro model and it's great. Wi-Fi will probably continue to be a pain fro my experience. High bitrate UHD stuff over Wi-Fi has always been iffy at best for me. My local Wi-Fi network is plenty fast, but just not stable enough for it or something.

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