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Help If Possible...6600XT At 100% Useage For No Apparent Reason


Hello all if you could point me in the right direction that would be great.


I recently popped all my hardware into the H1 case. Since my SSD has previously run windows in my old PC I reinstalled windows when I booted up the H1.


The issue is that most of the time when I boot up the GPU flip flops between 5% and 100%. The mouse gets laggy and playing something like Siege or Apex gets about 30 fps. If I reboot the computer sometimes the problem just disappears but sometimes it takes several reboots to get everything working correctly.


Troubleshooting so far: I've installed all the drivers from Aorus that fit with the motherboard. I also used SDI installer to check for other drivers I might be missing and installed those. I reinstalled windows but without deleting all files. I hit my desk in anger several times and shouted to the PC gods that life was not fair and you shouldn't pay 2k for PC and still have serious issues.


Here's my system as it stands now...

NZXT H1 case

NZXT 650W Gold PSU

Aorus B550I Pro AX MB

Ryzen 5 5600x


Gskill 32GB DDR4 3200Mhz



Considering that rebooting the PC is what can fix the problem I really tend to think this is a driver issue of some sort but I thought I covered my bases there so who knows.

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Sooo when I'm having the issue task manager says the amd software is what is using the most GPU but it only reads 10-20%..It's in the AMD software that you can watch the clock speed bounce between 0 and 100%

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