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HELP - PC Headphones


I need some high quality affordable headphones for gaming. As much as I'm aware people are going to hate this I'd prefer them with a built in mouth piece. I've been looking at the Logitech G703 but want some thoughts/opinions if there are some more affordable options out there. Currently running turtle beach recons but they are tragically bad and are starting to die.

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Peopls definitions of "affordable" are different. A specific budget and currency would be nice. My Razer Barracuda X's are quite good for tthe price, so that would be my recommendation.
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From what I have head the HyperX Cloud 2 seems like a really popular option and I know a bunch of people that swear by them.

I would not recommend Logitech Headsets as I've had 2 of them myself, which both had an ear cup break off after a while and I have two friends with the same issue.

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Sennheiser's PC38X. They are the best hands down for gaming (especially) and pretty much everything else you wanna do like mixing audio or watching movies. And it's not me saying this, but literally every audio on YouTube.

Only downside, kinda expensive. But it often goes for sale down to 120 bucks. If you can stretch your budget that far, they are great

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Do you mean the logitech g733? g703 appears to be a mouse.


Not to knock the headset world, because they are good and useful products, but I prefer a pair of "audiophile" headphones with an added microphone.  I have ordered a pair of shp9500 + neego boom mic and I also added a vmoda boom pro just so I could compare everything and have a strong understanding of the quality because I recommend this setup all the time.


I have only had a couple gaming headsets.  The Sennheiser Game One was excellent and my daily driver for everything for a number of years, the build quality was good as in it withstood several instances where I got up from my computer and walked away with them still on and several instances of being chucked at a wall before they started getting a little glitchy, I still have them but accidentally threw away the replacement wire because I thought it was the one that was broken.  The second headset I've had was the Razer Kraken and it was amazing for gaming and garbage for everything else.


If you had to use a headset I would recommend something from Sennheiser because at the least they will sound good enough for everything.

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