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Mini HDMI with HDMI Type-A (5m) cable and converter


Hi guys! 


So I have a specific problem and Im looking for a solution. So the thing is Ive been renovating my apartment and the constructors made a bad mistake with my HDMI cables which are running under the flor in a canal that is really small and to make things worse they put in a low end HDMI Cable. Now the only option for me is to cut the cable pull it out and insert a new one, but the only one that will fit in the canal is a mini or micro HDMI cable. So what Im looking for is: 


1x 5m long 48Gb/s Ultra High Speed mini HDMI on one end and classic Type-A "big HDMI" on the other (thats the only thing that will fit trough)

1x Converter Female Mini HDMI to Male Type-A HDMI which supports 48Bb/s or at least makes minimal loss of signal. Do I even loose signal with converter from Mini to Type-A ?


Please help Ive been searching allover for a certified cable and converter without luck. Im based in EU but would be willing to order from anywhere just as long as I get the right thing. 


Ive bought: 

Cable: Amazon.com: 8K Mini HDMI to HDMI Cble SIKAI Ultra High Speed HDMI 2.1 Cable Support 8K@60Hz, 4K@120Hz, 48Gbps, eARC, HDR10, HDCP2.2 Compatible with Camera, Camcorder, Laptop, Raspberry Pi Zero W (15 Feet) : Electronics but it has no 8k Certification 


Converter: Mini HDMI Female Connector, HDMI Male to Mini HDMI Female Adapter: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics & Photo Im afraid I will be loosing signal with this. 


So any help is appreciated and Im willing too spend more $$ and just put the ordered stuff in a drawer 🙂  



Thank you and BR


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