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Games keep crashing the the same way on new PC



We are a at a stand still now, Gaming PC was working fine in December. Major changes since then are a new screen: Samsung Odyssey C49G95 49" And probably some windows 11 updates.


What happens?


Games crash upon startup, i get into lobby but everytime the screen shrinks and moves to left top corner and game crashes. Same behavior on COD Warzone and Battlfield.


What have we tried?


• adjusted scaling settings windows,   NVIDIA control panel to 100%/Disabled.


• scan and repair multiple times

• deleted and reinstalled games

• started in safe mode/admin mode

• removed/reinstalled GPU driver


What have we not tried as of now:


• Downgrade to win10

• remove latest win11 updates

• update G9 screen software


Any help would be greatly appreciated, i think the screen is the culprit but have to get this updated to be sure. Would really like to know if anyone has been experiencing similar issues



Palit Geforce RTX 3060 stormX

Intel core I7 11700F

Kingston fury beast DDR4 3200mhz 32GB WD Black SN850 1TB M.2 SSD

Asus ROG STRIX B560 Gaming

Screen: Samsung Odyssey C49G95 49"

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you are playing online games. they have anti cheat. the anti cheat is causing the crashing


try contacting the game support and ask them for help. if nothing works then uninstall the games that crash, restart the pc and dont put them back

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Thanks for your responce, however anticheat has not been a issue before. The similar matter to both Battlefield and Warzone crashing leads me to belive its not related to this to be honest.



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