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SignalRGB *May* Be Using code from OpenRGB against its license


There was a discussion in the OpenRGB discord where someone peeked into the javascript part of SignalRGB, which is a sponsor for LTT. They saw identical variable names (and spacing) to OpenRGB and strongly suspect that some of the codebase is using OpenRGB code. There is no more evidence than this but I felt it would be good to make a post on it and perhaps someone could gather some evidence on this or perhaps evidence to the contrary. Now OpenRGB is open source but its under GPL, not LGPL, meaning closed source is a no no. It is entirely possible that SignalRGB fulfilled the GPL licscence and did it obscurely (which is allowed) but I thought I should make this post as communitiy members work hard to add support to cards (Strix cards just got added due to community efforts for example). 

This post is not meant to be some cancel culture bullshit, it is not an alarm of CANCEL SIGNAL or anything. It just is relaying some observations made and informing community members about it. Please add your own thoughts and ideas. This is not meant to demonize SignalRGB either but rather bring to light a concern in a way where LTT can also be aware of it. 

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