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Random Freezes. Apps freeze one by one.

Apps start freeze one by one. No BSOD, no suspicious error messages in windows event log. Occurs both during load (games) and just on desktop. One app freezes, and when you try to click anything else that still works - it freezes aswell, including windows task bar. Ctrl+Alt+Del does nothing. Mouse cursor keeps working even after everything on the screen froze.


Already tried: 
1) Disabling C-states

2) Updating BIOSes (for MB updating from F21 to F22 did "fix" the issue for several days)

3) Checking all drives for errors (using chkdsk)

4) Checking windows installation for errors (using scannow)

5) Checking RAM for errors (using Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool and MemTest)

Hardware: In profile info.

Boot Drive: that Samsung 980 Pro in M.2 connected to CPU.
GPU BIOS: (previously it was, did update it right before making this post)


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