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I need a game developer, but my best offer is you sell the game, no profit to me.


Where do i go to find a game developer? 


I have a critical game concept for a project im working on (hobby) , its a coordination trainer. I dont sell anything, so wouldnt sell games either. I do buy them,,,,, but cant hire, instead all i can do is offer that i would buy several copies and recommend the game to others. 


The intent is to create a series of coordination trainers for 4 joystick controllers , or other mutli-axis inputs. (6 to 8 axis but i have concepts for 9). I am gaining fluency in 6 axis and am very confident in the validity of the exercise. The game specifically that brought me to post is a pick-and-place arcade game. Imagine the monkey fitting triangles and circles through the shaped holes, but instead, various 3d objects are scattered around and it is a race to orient the cursor over the object, "grab" it, and then translate and rotate it so that you can insert it into its proper slot. It must support all imaginable joystick inputs. (Or, at least the "genericusbcontroller 8"). 


I have more ideas also, and share them freely, but am not a business. 


total newbie/non-gamer


currently: i7 4790k , z97hd3, pny 16gb ddr3 1600, gtx 1050ti, 24" vizio basic screen, 240gb sata ssd


under development: rogstrix b350-f gaming, r5 2600, corsair vengeance 16gb ddr4 2400, crossfire 7970-7950 , 120 gb sata ssd


games: Starmade, Velocidrone, Minecraft, Astrokill, Liftoff, ThrustandShoot, , I want to learn better Teamfortress, csgo, half-life, DEmankinddivided, , I want to buy doom. 

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On 1/13/2022 at 11:24 PM, tsmspace said:

Where do i go to find a game developer?

Since no one has bothered to answer yet, let me give you an idea as to why.


You're unlikely to find a game developer willing to do this "for free", unless you happen to find a hobbyist interested in the same thing. You have these basic options to get someone to develop this software for you:

  • Pay them to do it
  • Convince them that your idea is going to sell and for them to work "for free" until the money actually starts coming in
  • (Bonus option: find someone who is interested in the same idea and willing to do it in their spare time)

Your description is very vague, so it's hard to estimate anything, but projects like this can easily take a year or more to develop (single developer). In terms of development costs, we're likely talking 5–6 figures.


To give you some idea, here's an article talking about development costs of mobile apps: https://www.businessofapps.com/app-developers/research/app-development-cost/

Even for a simple app, they estimate between $40k–$60k. While your idea doesn't sound overly complex at first glance, you are talking about 3D graphics and joystick input, which will require testing on many different hardware configurations (GPUs, CPUs, joysticks), which is only going to add to the cost. Promising to buy several copies isn't going to cut it in terms of ROI.

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