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CSGO lower FPS than usual?


So i recently started getting into CSGO after I took a small break. And I immediately noticed that my FPS was a bit lower than before. I can remember that before I took a break from the game, I could get anywhere between 150-200 FPS at low settings on most maps. But now, I barely break 110 FPS the exact same settings AND maps.

Ive not changed anything on the software nor hardware side, except for 2 new 27" monitors instead of my old 24". These monitors run at 1080p just like the previous one, but with a higher refresh rate, at 144hz.


I'm thinking it might be because of my new monitors, but since they still run at the same resolution, they cant possibly tank my performance? right? I mean the only thing different is their refresh rate, and that im running these monitors with DP-cable and not HDMI.



R5 1600 AF

2x8 3000MHz

RX480 4GB


Kingston A400 960GB

Fractal Design ION GOLD 850W

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Any new software that you can think of installed since the last time you played?


Have you tried a fresh install of Windows first? I know a tad extreme, but it will definitely rule out any software bloat or conflicts that may be there now that wasn't when you last played?


If you don't want to go that far, maybe try a clean boot of Windows and disable everything except Windows services from starting with Windows and see if performance improves:


How to perform a clean boot in Windows (microsoft.com)



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