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MSI MAG274QRF (Non-QD) measurements


Hey all! Recently bought a MSI MAG274QRF. Didn't go for QD due to it being overpriced in Taiwan ($646.5 for the QD, $466 for the non-QD). Figured I post some measurements as I didn't really find any online. These are the measurements after calibrating with an i1 Display Pro using DisplayCAL. I originally posted this on reddit r/Monitors but the automated bot removed it thinking it was spam... So guess I'll post it here. 


Calibration settings:
Whitepoint: 6500k
White level: 120 cd/m^2
Tone curve: Gamma 2.2
Monitor brightness: 16
Monitor RGB: 100/91/95


Gamut coverage, Image link:
99.6% sRGB
81.5% Adobe RGB
94.6% DCI P3


Gamut volume:
140.5% sRGB
96.8% Adobe RGB
99.5% DCI P3


Verification report (ISO 14861:2015), Image link / HTML link:
Black luminance: 0.1151 cd/m^2
Contrast: 1028.2:1
Average ΔE*00: 0.25
99% percentile ΔE*00: 1.13


Also did a verification at 100% brightness. Image link / HTML Link
Measured luminance: 369.3 cd/m^2
Black luminance: 0.3658 cd/m^2
Contrast: 1009.5:1
Average ΔE*00: 0.48 (Not recalibrated for this brightness btw)
99% percentile ΔE*00: 1.44


And here's the ICM profile download link for your reference. (as monitors differ, my profile won't necessarily calibrate your monitor correctly)


Here's a pure white and pure black image taken with my XE2. While IRL is not perfect, it's not as exaggerated as the image makes it out to be.
White / Black


Hope anyone looking to buy this monitor finds this useful!


As for personal thoughts:
Only complaint I have is there is a slight vignette on the right side. It tints blue when my lights are on. It goes away when looking straight on. But it's definitely there when sitting at my regular position roughly 60cm away from the screen.

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