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New Monitor shows wrong Pixel value


Hey *,


i bought a new monitor (Gigabyte M27Q) and i encountered a very strange pixel behaviour. 

I know about Dead/Stuck and Hot Pixels, but I discovered a different. Maybe there is someone here who can help me out with that. 



I found a pixel at the very top left of my screen which behaves different than the other. 

First i thought its a stuck one because it has a different value than the others around, but it doesn't have the same value all the time.

When i ran https://www.eizo.be/monitor-test/ i noticed that the pixel top-left always had the value from the very bottom-right.

I can force this by going full black background and move a square with a color to the bottom right. 


Tried solutions:

- i ran https://www.jscreenfix.com/ with the square at the top left which caused the pixel to stay all black (10 minutes)

- i ran https://www.jscreenfix.com/ with the square at bottom right which caused the pixel to flicker (10 minutes)

- tried different monitor input (HDMI instead of DP)

- changed the refresh rate from 170 -> 144 -> 60 hz (feelt like the color change was a bit slower, but that made sense for me)

- tried switching monitor off and on again.


Can someone maybe explain whats happenening here and maybe tell me if there is a solution for that.

It doesn't really affect the usage but I would still like to fix it


Thanks in advance 


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Hard to say without actually seeing it in person, but it might be a dead subpixel. Each pixel is made up of red green and blue subpixels. If one of the subpixels is dead, it can still make different colors, but the colors will always be off from what they should be.


Regardless, it's still a screen defect of some sort. You should RMA if you're still within your return period or get warranty service otherwise.

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Sounds like a manufacturing defect. I doubt its fixable.

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