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My new Android TV box start lagging and internet speed slow

Justin Grande

I have Android TV box and the brand is TV box mxq pro 5G 4K. My WiFi speed is up to 35 Mbps but if I run Google Chrome and type speedtest.net and press GO it start to slow, lag, freeze, and crash. The specs of TV box is 64GB of storage, 8GB of RAM and 64 bit CPU. The device was connected to 5GHz WiFi which is the speed is 400 Mbps at first and will go down to 35 Mbps but I test at any internet speed test but is only getting 5 Mbps.


The download speed at 25 MB app is take up to 2 minutes but on my phone at same specs and network (5GHz WiFi) it only less than a second. My TV box was purchased 1 day ago. Any solution for this?

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