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i7 4790k boot issues🥴


Hi guys, 


I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but I'm at my wits end.


I have an old gaming pc:

i5 4460 CPU (stock cooler)

2x 8gb Samsung 1666mh dual channel ram

Zotac Gtx 970 4gb GPU

Gigabyte GA-h81m-d2v v2.1 (Bios version FC- up to i7 4790k) motherboard

Samsung Evo 250gb boot drive

Wd 1tb mechanical hard drive

500W 83+ bronze Zalman eco max PSU


It's old but gold. Blisteringly fast, boot, load ( partly i thinks because there is absolutely no bloat on it)


Now comes the issue.


Friend of mine was cleaning up his old office and came upon a i7 4790k buried away in a drawer. He told me he is fairly certain there was an issue with it, but i can have it to see if it works.


Elation! Have never been able to afford an i7 of anything, so am eager to give it a go.


Get home, swap the cpu's.... 

PC powers on, all fans spin, LED's come on...and then promptly shuts off. Powers on again...shuts off again...powers on again...shuts off again...by itself, in an endless loop. Never able to post.


Go through all the trouble shooting steps:

Reset Bios- battery and jumper

Remove Ram one at a time

Remove all peripherals

Remove GPU

Check CPU slot pins

Remove mechanical drive


...by this time I am in the most barebone of configurations but the exact same power loop persists.


Was sure I must have knackered something by this point, so take the i7 seven out, put the i5 back in, along with all the components I had removed. Power on the system...5 second boot. Smooth as the day I built it.


What am I missing?? Why am i questioning my sanity?


Note: i have seen an almost exact configuration as mine (with the i7 and gtx970)being tested and at peak load was drawing 380watts from the wall so my power supply is more than sufficient.


Please help 🙏 

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