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PC stuck in boot loop after changing PSU


Hello LTT Forums im completely new to here so please excuse if i do something wrong but heres my issue.


So my PC before the conversion was sat in a rattling, old and dusty corsair case (SPEC-01) with bad cooling and with the most clattering PSU and fans (it was passed onto me).


Now i got fed up with it so i bought some new computer parts to upgrade it and made it run smoother shall we say.

In this upgrade i did this


Intel stock cooler > Cooler Master 212 Hyper Black Edition
Old Corsair Spec-01 case > Corsair 275R airflow white
1TB Seagate HDD > 240GB Crucial SSD and 1Tb Crucial SSD
700W AeroCool PSU (coil wine simulator) > 550W Corsair Semi Modular PSU


(I dont think my pc needs 700Ws i may be wrong but it made a horrible sound so i wanted to change it.) My PC specs are this


I5 4460
Asus H81M Plus
16GB DDR3 1600MHZ Kingston Ram
GTX 950


Ive finished building it and i go to turn it on and it shows power going in but when pressing the power button it shows no sign on my moniter and it will stay alive for less than half a second, turn off and tries again. Does anyone know what would cause this? Hopefully i can get some answers for this troublesome computer or my lack of brain power. Cheers.

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