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HELP! Pc won’t start, lost admin user, regback not work


Hey guys,


I decided to install Fortnite today for some reason after many years of quitting and left my windows 10 pc to install. Got home from work and my keyboard and mouse leds were on but monitor was black screen but on.


Turned pc off manually and back on, then was hit with automatic repair failed. Clicked start up repair, again came back failed.

Then decided to try system restore, restored to the only restore point from 4 days ago and once done, no improvement still goes to automatic repair and then the troubleshoot screen.


Here i tried to go for other options such as cmd, reset etc and suddently its saying no admin account is available. so looking up troubleshooting guides says i need to use boot usb which i did and that allowed me to access some options.


This is when i started googling more troubleshooting threads and came across a guide here

 which i followed the instructions for, however when i got into cmd the top bar says ‘not enough memory to process this command’ and the next line is not in x:\windows\system32

but x:\sources


but i followed the instructions in the above video. copied the files got to the regback bit and i didnt get numbers, just the first two lines for DIR. no SAM, SECRUITY etc and no numbers. so here i typed exit as the vid instructed, now i come back out to the troubleshoot page again.


At this point im kinda lost, next thing i see is suggestions on reinstalling windows on my hard drive, which claims safe and all my files would be on windows.old but things have gone wrong so many steps already i dont want to risk it.


And i still dont know what is the cause of this error, whether its windows or is it a hardware issue?


ive got a 2tb drive, which had a few partitions in, im wondering if i should reinstall windows on the C drive which is my main drive, or not. Also im wondering if its possible to create a partition around 100gb and install a fresh windows 10 onto the partition and run off that? i tried googling if this is possible and found mixed replies so i want to come on here and see if anyone has any suggestions.


thanks guys!



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