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Looking for a decent budget psu for a build


So i got a decent bundle of budget hardware from a friend. All old but new and still sealed in their boxes if you know what i mean. A biostar mobo, a core i5 3570k, a noctua nhl-9 cooler and 16gb ddr3 kingston hyperx. Got the whole bundle for £30 uk as a favour (the guy owed me money for green and that's what he gave me instead of money).

Now i'm going to use this to build a basic budget gaming pc for my kids to use when they are here visiting (will stop them hijacking my pc every time there here lol). I have a couple of old spare evga gtx 660 superclock's. I'm going to stick one of them in it. I've also picked out a cheap tower im going to get and a 2tb seagate hdd.

I'm looking for a decent psu for it. Nothing too expensive. Just a basic psu to power it. Can anyone recomend a good budget psu that can handle this? Also not sure if i should go 500 or 600 watt.

I'm just trying to piece a wee system together without breaking the bank. It's mainley for basic gaming and browsing.

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