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audio artefacts with onboard ALC1220 in windows, pure silence in linux


Got a weird hissing rustling coil-whine-ish sound coming when windows 10 is booted but as soon as i boot a live linux there is zero noise in both the speakers, headphones, front or back connectors. 

Got a asrock x470 taichi https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/X470 Taichi/index.asp#Specification 

Tried the windows default drivers and also realtek's drivers to no avail. I notice the noise/hissing especially when moving the mouse, windows, or when some cpu intensive app/game starts processing 

I tested with both a set of 2.1 logitech speakers and a pair of sennheiser headphones connected to front and back. It's really annoying at times. 

I am now running my headphones/speakers via my nvidia gpu -> DP -> monitor and this one is much better tho has some noise if the display is >80% volume. I'm fine with how it is until i find a solution on my main soundcard.

What can I do to make my windows pure silence be as good as linux's ? Do I even have a chance or should I just get a dedicated pcie card?

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