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Android Thumbnails Folder is growing even after deleting all photos

I have a stock Moto E6 through Boost Mobile that is fully updated to Android 9. I have a 128gb microSD that is doing fine. The 16gb on board storage is filling up though. I have used Avast Cleanup, File Manager Pro, ASTRO File Manager, and other methods to attempt to clean/remove the 2.1 gb Thumbnails file/folder yet nothing seems to work. I have deleted all photos, enabled permissions to the cleaning and file management apps, and followed various guides to create a replacement Thumbnails file but so far nothing is working. I remember this happening on my last few Android phones as well. 


It was at 2.11 at the start of November and as of today (November 30) it has grown to 2.15 gb. 


Any advice from the community? 

Thanks :) 

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