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Cant boot to windows or usb


Hello, I just upgrade my pc. I just bought a Asrock z590 Steel Legend mobo and a i5-11600k. I have transferred all the things over, but when i go to turn it on, it always boots to bios. So i unplugged any sata connection i had, only having the M.2 in. same issue. I then continued to use a Windows 10 bootloader, but it then gets stuck in a boot loop and never gets the the setup. but the first time i see the windows splash, but after that it is only the asus splash. I am kinda at a lost here and would love some help.


I have turned on CSM, and now it allows me to boot off of my ssd, but it goes to the Windows splash screen, and after about 10 sec, it blues screens with this error


I am still having issues booting to the USB. It still does a boot loop


I have also tried to take out 1 ram stick with no solution. I have been looking to shut of DMA in the bios but i cant find it, and every solution i find is through windows. 


please help as this was very exciting, now just kinda disappointing.


Here are the specs:


ASRock z590 Steel series

Radeon RX 580

SanDisk SSD

EVGA 750watt PS

2x8 ddr4 3600mhz Corsair Vengeance LPX


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