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1080 Screws


Does anyone know the type of screws used for fastening a graphics card heatsink / fans to the PCB? 


I had a GTX 1080 (MSI Armor) and recently managed to upgrade to a 3070 Ti, and am in the process of returning the 1080 to stock config so I can resell it on ebay, however I can't seem to find all the screws for the mounting bracket and the heatsink. 


If anyone knows the type of screws used, e.g. size, diameter, etc, and could share the info so I can buy some replacements that would be seriously appreciated. The main screws I need are the ones with an attached spring that connect the heatsink direct to the chip, screws for the bracket would be useful as well but not vital at this point as I have 5 / 8 or something. 




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