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Windows 11 Odd Video Output Behavior, 2560x1440 Duplicate Monitor.


I have 3 monitors
DP - 1. Sam - 2560x1440
DP - 2. AOC - 1920x1080
HDMI - 3. Sam TV - Duplicated with Monitor 1. Should be 2560x1440. (this video passes through a XR1 Capture card, results are same with or without.)


My issue is that I have my output set for both the primary and duplicated to be 2560x1440. How ever, windows is forcing a 4k output to the t.v. and will not allow me to reduce or change to 2560x1440. This causes many many issues when I load into games amongst other things. As the game is then rendering in 4k not 1440 which causes FPS to be below my t.v's and monitors spec'd 120Hz. 

Under System>Display it shows both 1|3 setup as Duplicate, scale 100% display resolution 2560x1440.

If I go into System > Display > Advanced Display my T.V. shows Desktop mode 2560x1440, Active Signal Mode 3840 x 2160. (T.V. info shows 3840x2160, and all icons are small as if it is in 4k. This proves that windows is actually forcing the output to be 3840x2160. If I unplug the t.v. and just run single monitor, no duplication then I gain around 15-40% frames depending on the game. 

This isn't something that happened in windows 10. Has anyone else noticed or have this experience? 

Could anyone else test this? with just a duplicate output. 

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