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Need help with arranging my junkyard of hardware


I have a lot of mixed junk hardware which I managed to built into few PCs in my house (Not just for me)

Now I need to add another PC, because I bought two WD Red Plus 4TB to finally have a dedicated PC as a NAS (I will simply connect it to the router and mount in other PCs as network drive)


Right now I have a B450 motherboard with 3200g. But, I want to use this PC as the NAS (+HTPC, because there is a place to sit near the router)

That's why I had another post asking if an A320 is good for this CPU. (So I won't be selling it after all)


But then, I will pair the A320 with the 3200g, and be left without a CPU for the B450. 


What should I do if I'm on a tight budget?

1) Buy a Ryzen 3 3350G Pro (some weird OEM CPU sold by a retailer near me) for $155 (+The A320 motherboard it's total of $200)

2) Maybe get an Intel system instead (i3-10105F + cheap H410 for $175)


Anything else?



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