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Weird graphics behavior in VirtualBox, Windows

Hey Guys, title pretty much says it all. Fresh install of Windows 10 (right after the OOBE) on a Windows 11 host using VirtualBox (6.1.30). Issue appears to happen after I install the VirtualBox Guest Additions (which include the video driver). Of course I could run it without a driver but then I cant get 1920x1080. I tested in Kali linux and it seems to work perfectly fine. Also to note, pretty much all the menus are super slow when it comes to clicking on stuff and without the driver, seems really snappy.


I've already tried reinstalling windows with a newly created iso using the MediaCreationTool off of Microsoft's website. But other then that, there's not much I've found online so don't really know where to go from here. 


Attached is a video of the issue.  



Any help would be appreciated, thanks guys

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