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Problems with L4D2, playing for a minute, then disconnect, etc.


So I've had this problem for a few years now. I try to host or join a L4D2 game with my buddies, and we'd play for a few minutes at most, then it would go to a disconnect screen saying its trying to reconnect, but never does. We've tried multiple times, on different days, on the different types of servers, but i always disconnect, and it's only me. I would assume its maybe something with my router? It's a netgear router that i probably spent like $50 on at Walmart. I've looked up multiple things about this, and I've seen things about port forwarding, which i don't really understand, to just getting a new router like a linksys and the problem just goes away. I've also been having a different problem with Crab Game, where I'll play it with my buddies, and everything will be fine except with at least one friend, where we will be floating for each other and not be able to hear each other talk after a game or two and it's always the same friend. At this point, I think getting a new router is maybe the best thing to do, but I don't know if it's better to spend hundreds of dollars on one, or just get a different brand router. Just wanted to get some feedback, and maybe some suggestions on a good router? I don't know if it matters, but multiple people use the internet off my current router as well.

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