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PC Won't Turn on After Short


To keep a long story short, my son plugged a lightning cable into the USB port on the motherboard of my gaming rig and then proceeded to plug the lighting end into a wall outlet...


There was a Pop. The cable turned black, and the computer won't turn on. Figuring it was the motherboard, I replaced that motherboard with the same one, and it exhibits the same symptoms. When I plug it in the (minimum) rgb on the board and cooler lights up for a split second and then nothing. 

is there any way to figure out what all is damaged? Is it likely everything? I don't really have access to a test

bench for individual components, nor do I want to play whack a mole replacing one part at a time, as that is going to get expensive fast. 

Glad the kid is ok and lesson learned on leaving cables dangling, but dang this is looking like a $1500+ "Whoopsie". 


ryzen 5600x

gigabyte aorus B550 pro ac

geforce rtx 3070 founders

32gb crucial 3600mhz ddr4 ram

western digital 1TB m.2 ssd

seasonic platinum 650w psu


Don't think I left anything relevant out. Hoping for a Christmas miracle lol. 

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Tried another PSU; Corsair rm850x. Exhibiting same symptoms. 

shocked to not see any responses, though I am new to the forum so maybe it's that haha. 

anyway, guess I'll document here as I might as well. Really all I have left to test out is the cpu and ram, I guess. 

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