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Cheapest 4k hdr media player that plays off usb

The Torrent

So my samsung tv's build in media player SUCKS because i can only choose 1 sub track - and thats normally whichever one it feels like doing that day (its either off or on even if theres like 50 different sub tracks attacked). Now thats fine most of the time, but when a film has sections of a different language, its REALLY annoying because ofc idk whats going on...


MOREOVER, the tv does not support DTS. like wtf?!? thats so annoying i have to keep avoiding dts.


So i need a media player which will play mkv hdr 4k films off of a usb hard drive. I want it to be cheap as possible i dont care past it works.


I do have a sony soundbar but it will take sound through the hdmi pass through so stuff like that is no issue dont need any fancy other io or anything.


What do you recommend?

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