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Strange Windows 11 issue




I have been using this gaming pc for a year

Last week all online games caused Windows 11 to go offline, just like if I removed the ethernet cable from my internet provider router. 


There is no way to re connect, only restarting the computer. 


Once logged in, Windows freezes no matter what, takes a few seconds into the desktop to stop responding. 


I reinstalled Windows 11 and everything else, even the other drives all 4,2 SSDs and 2 HDDs. 


Now with a new fresh Windows install, guess what, again! 


it happened just by launching Forza Horizon 5and failed to connect online, this rig gets stuck when login into windows 11 and never happened in windows 10 with the exact same hardware which is 1 year old. 


It is the most strange situation I have experienced so far in gaming pc. 


I do not know what else to do, resetting cmos does not help I am under the 3rd windows re install. 


Thank you for any help with this or idea. 


Ryzen 5 3600

32 gb ram 2666

GTX 1660 ti strix

B550e strix

2 SSD 


PSU G750H gigabyte certified 

Case be quiet darkbase700

FANS cougar 

Cooling ROG Ryuo 240 

LG wide monitor 75 hz 1080x2560



It is a good pc, I Can't understand why an online game causes windows go to offline and then stop responding. 


All Temps are fine, I was playing normally today, but still the same problem re appeared. 


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Yes, there is a 256gb ssd for windows, and a 512gb ssd for games


To this day the ethernet adapter gets disabled only by launching forza horizon 5.


The only way to get the internet back is to manually restart. I am kind of desperate. 


I have searched event viewer and registry but nothing I attempt makes any positive change. 


I have 2 monitors so on the secondary one I clearly see when the IP address disappears and the packages also dissapears just by launching any gamepass game, this does not happen with rocket league for instance. 


Web browsing is stable everything works great except for my internet connection affected apparently by Xbox gamepass installed games. 


Very strange indeed, a difficult one to resolve by one of your bright minds, please I need technical help. 

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Even if I restart the pc normally, it will spin forever I have to manually restart withe the power button. 


It is impossible to fix. I have tried everything I found online even this lines are being entered using my Mobile cell phone, once the pc gets offline due to this matter. Unbelievable. 

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I think you need to try taking that SSD out and trying a fresh windows installation on a different storage device.

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