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broken rx590

Erisa Firehawk

My son has a RX590 fatboy in his PC, and the last time it was moved, it didnt boot up in its new location (12hr car ride) after some messing around, we got it to post, but then it hard crashes when any load is applied (amd stress test in the driver software, furmark, or almost any game). we got it to post buy holding the card up a vit to remove sag, but if you even slight tap it or bump the case, it hard crashes. Tried a rx580 from a different PC and its rock solid. I took a closer look at the PCIe pins and the pcb... and some of them dont look great.... (see attatched)


My question... If i get a gpu riser cable, and solder all the wires to the right pins, would that work well enough to get him though til we can find a gpu



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