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My pc severely slowed down overnight.


Hello, I hope someone is able to help me out with this I just can't think of what caused this problem.


I don't know what happened to my pc, I always keep black desert running in the background overnight while I sleep and work (Gotta get Guru fishing somehow...) occasionally in the past when I would check up in the morning the games fps would drop to about 10-20 however when you restarted the game it would go back to the normal stable 60. I always run it on very high settings. Yesterday it happened again so I did the usual restarting the game however this time it's permanent and my entire computer is severely slowed down even chrome lags. I updated the driver to the latest version and downloaded the latest windows update I've been ignoring for a while however this hasn't made a difference. I haven't downloaded or installed anything for months so I doubt it's a virus or something like that. The only programs running in the background are NordVPN and discord.


I got a RTX 2060 super

a intel i7-9700F 

and 16gb of ram in my pc. 

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