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Gigabyte B550 Gaming X rev.1 - mining

Hello good ppl of LTT 😁😃


I have a question, maybe a stupid one but i really dont want to brick or destroy something.


Few months ago i managed to upgrade my rig and now i have:

Gigabyte Gaming X B550 rev.1

RX 580 8gb


Since i use this gpu for mining and gaming only ~1-2 hours/day my question is: 

Am i able to connect more gpus on that board to use them for mining?

Because i can get my hands on 2 extra RX 580 8gb for a decent price (~220€ each). And i would love to connect them to the same board. 

Is it possible to run 3 of those cards from this mbo with 800w 80+ gold psu?

What else would i need? What kind of riser cables i need if thats even possible?

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You could have 5 cards plugged into that motherboard, maybe more if you convert m.2 connectors to pci-e slots. 


Without anything else, you could put 2 video cards in the two pci-e x16 slots.  

For mining, you don't need bandwidth, so even a single pci-e lane is enough, therefore the 2nd slot with only 2 pci-e lanes is still way more than enough.


You can use pci-e x1 to pci-e x16 risers and power the adapter boards with a molex or sata or 6pin pci-e connector  - i recommend buying the ones which have at least 2 options, i'd choose molex and pci-e 6 pin . Sata is not recommended, as it's only rated for around 50 watts, and video cards like rx 570 can pull more than 60w from the slot. 

examples : 

sata + molex + 6 pin options : https://www.ebay.com/itm/154555425821

molex + 6 pin : https://www.ebay.com/itm/133694446491


You could also use m.2 to pci-e adapter boards, which convert m.2 to pci-e x4 slots, here's an example :  https://www.ebay.com/itm/384309091759

Because the m.2 only has 3.3v, that power cable is needed to introduce 12v into the pci-e x4 slot ...


So then you could use a basic x4 to x16 riser cable to connect a video card, though it wouldn't be such a great idea, because that power cable is not really capable of giving the video card 50-60 watts.


If you plug one of those x1 to x16 adapters linked above, the power cable won't be needed because the 12v is introduced on the other board, the usb cable only carries the data signals...


Aaaanyway ...  maybe think if it's actually profitable to mine with these old RX 580 cards.. I guess it could be if you're not paying for electricity..  with some tweaks you can maybe get those RX 580 down to around 150-180w when mining...  



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Wooow @mariushm ! Thanks for such a nice explanation!


With undevolting and OC i get around 80W reading from the AMD software for RX580 8GB and its around 2,5$ profitability per day on nicehash miner. 


Comparing efficiency/W those old RX 580 are better then 3060, even 3070.



My calculation is with 3 x RX 580 8GB i would draw around 500W from the wall, i have Ryzen 7 5800X that also can mine additional ~0,7$ but it will "eat" ~200W for that.

With that rig (without 5800x mining) i can get aprox. 7,5$ per day. In addition i live in Croatia, electricity is like 0,08$/kWh here 🙂


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