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GameStop developing Blockchain for PC games/ NFT trading platform rumour

Reddit was on fire this morning after some one digged into the GitHub website code and found references to GameStop/looping partnership. 


Looks like GameStop is about to release a NFT trading platform and/or blockchain for PC games trading. 


It could mean that a second hand market for PC games is about to start which would blow steam away 😂


The info is here;



This might be a massive market disruption to the entire PC gaming market. 



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It's not going to cause a big disruption because you can be sure GameStop will try to take their usual 85% cut. I don't know many people willing to buy games from yet another platform, this one run by GameStop of all companies, just to have a chance at maybe being able to resell their digital games for pennies on the dollar.


$5 says GameStop doesn't let you trade games or buy them direct from other users and you can only sell the keys back to them for store credit so

1. other users always have to buy direct from GameStop for the same price as every other platform and

2. you can't bring the money back out of their ecosystem.

It's like the second hand market but where GameStop is the only choice and always wins. I doubt publishers will want to play ball either because it's attempting to cut them out of the profits just like the traditional second hand market.


In summary, no thanks.





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Everything you said is completely possible. Or the end product might be an block chain eBay situation whereby you can transfer ownership to and from other users. 


The overheads for these transactions are a lot smaller than buying and holding 2nd hand console games. So maybe the customer will end up with a lot more then 5€ for that second hand pc game, esp if it is an eBay style platform and GameStop just takes their cur from a transaction on their platform. 


Simple thing is that you don't know, but I find it really interesting for the future of PC gaming. 



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