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Pc wont boot after installing rgb fans onto rgb header




I bought some rgb fans cuz mine fans were giving up, I plugged the new fans in a rgb header and now the pc won't boot anymore, on the mobo a red led stays on which next to it says DRAM, I tried 1stick of ram, all slots, without gpu, storage. Tried reseating cpu also looked for bend pins none found , all cables replugged no luck


Can somebody help me?

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Firstly, are you 100% sure you plugged in the RGB to a RGB header, or into an ARGB header? Depending on what fans you got, RGB vs ARGB have different headers for the ability to control them and power. 

Second, check your storage drive cables. Whether SATA or NVMe, sometimes if they're not plugged in correctly, the PC won't boot. 

Third, if you only have 1 RAM stick, put it in slot 2. If you have 2 sticks, put them in slot 2 and 4. if you have 3, slots 1, 2, and 4. If you have 4 sticks, put them (obv) in all slots. 

Fourth, I'm assuming you put your GPU in the x16 slot lanes, closest to the motherboard, which should let your PC boot fine.

Again, check all the cables from the PSU to the motherboard. Check if your 24 pin CPU is plugged all the way in, and if you need the extra 4 or 8 pin (usually) at the top left side of the motherboard for additional CPU power. 

If by boot you mean can turn on but doesn't go to OS, and if that light is actually for DRAM then you might need to change the frequency of your DRAM to a more stable setting. Sometimes XMP profiles make it unstable.

Let us know, hope you can find the solution.

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