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GPU drops to 0-10% once online game starts (but not in game menu)

That guy 16

Any help is appreciated!


I usually get 60fps on Hell Let Loose, however recently I noticed eGPU (Nvidia GTX 1660 Super) drop to between 0-10% usuage for 1-10 fps. This occurs as soon as the computer starts to try and play the game (game menu is fine and experiences no lag). I also notice this on AOE2DE so it seems to me it is a system not game issue.

You can see in the photo that there is a noticible dip in GPU '3D' at the time the game is connecting to online servers.


Not sure if related, but strangely I have noted when restarting the laptop it takes several minutes, however if I shut down then boot up it is only the normal 20 seconds or so. These two quirks seemed to occur roughly in the same time period.


Things I have tried:

- BIOS upgrade and also downgrade

- Graphics drivers upgrade then downgrade


My System:

I am running a dell XPS 15 with a razer core x chroma.

Dell XPS 15:


16GB Ram

GTX 1650Ti

Windows 10

Razer Core x Chroma

GTX 1660 super




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