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Odd PC startup issue - linked to capture card?

I just got back from a weeklong holiday and upon returning my PC is refusing to turn on at all. It’s barely even reacting to the power button being pressed. I have a lot of PC builder friends and most of us are stumped by the issue, so i’m posting everything i know here as a last ditch attempt to repair it before I replace the motherboard. 

I built my PC from scratch about a year and a half ago. Nothing went wrong with the build, pc has never had an issue till now, and all parts are relatively new. 

Right now, the PC is not reacting at all to me pressing the power button. My motherboard is an Asus ROG motherboard which lights up when it is receiving power - even when the PC is off, which it’s still doing, so i assumed the PSU is still fine and the PC is receiving power. After messing around with it I discovered that after unplugging my capture card i just recently got (elgato hd60s) from the usb port attached to the motherboard, the Motherboard rgb will now flash on and off when the power button is pressed. The power button still works since bridging the pins with a screwdriver makes the mobo react the same way. I’ve replaced the CMOS battery, swapped around the RAM, checked all the cables are seated, etc. And nothing has worked. After fiddling around a little more i also discovered that when the capture card is plugged in, the motherboard rgb isn’t constantly on, it’s pulsating really fast which makes it look like it’s on, but visibly pulsating upon close inspection. The motherboard/pc doesn’t act this way when any other peripherals are plugged in, only starts doing this with the capture card. 

My specs are: 

2070 super mini

amd 3500x

16 gb RAM (2x8)

Asus ROG strix b450f motherboard 

psu is a 750W gold rated

storage is a 2.5 TB hdd, a 500gb ssd, and two old laptop hdds i salvaged and stuck inside the case. 

my pc hasn’t been moved recently, and broke while i was away on holiday. It’s plugged into a UPS for surge protection, is reasonably dusty but nothing excessive and has been cleaned a couple times, and when i left for holiday, it was turned off but plugged in and receiving power.  

I’m aware this is a huge wall of text, but hopefully someone does end up reading it and i’m praying it’s still possible to repair something. 

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