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Not POST if SATA is connected after W10 Update.


As mentioned in the title, I updated Windows 10. Though, upon restarting, I clicked "Restart Anyway" while I still had a few Save As... prompts open (say, in Audacity for my audio engineer work). 

It got to 30%, shut down, restarted, and then it hangs on the ROG logo with the "Press F2 or Del to enter SETUP" text below and no buffering circle animation. Upon pressing DEL or F2, I can enter the BIOS but I cannot see the drive. 


I've tried; 
- Reseating the RAM

- CMOS hard reset (removed battery for 5 hours) 

- CMOS shorting 


Finally, when I removed my two SATA drives, the PC booted up as perfectly as it always does. It does not boot with my HDD or SSD installed whatsoever, just stays on that post screen. I've tried a third, unrelated drive that I've confirmed to work and I could recreate the result. 
I've also tried flipping every single SATA port to hotswap and tried to plug in the drives while the PC was booted and then refresh Disk Management, but... nothing. 


So, the boot-freeze is created so long as there's SATA connection. I think it is safe to rule out my CPU/GPU/RAM here, so how do I rule out my hard drives, and how do I determine if the motherboard is faulty or has been damaged? Does anyone have any experience with such an issue, or a way to fix it? Thank you so much for any advice you can offer. 


CPU: Ryzen 5 5800X 
RAM: 4x 8GB HyperX Fury RGB

MOBO: ROG Strix x570-F

Storage: WBD 240GB (M.2) and then a Samsung 850 EVO and a normal WB 1TB HDD at 7200RPM. 





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can the problem be caused by a hard drive failure?

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Try to rollback the update... i mean,  it happened after the update,  right?


Not sure but to me that sounds like a software issue. 


AMD stands for Advanced Micro Machines

-ColdFusion, 2021

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