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USB volume knob stops working after PC wakes up


So here's my attempt to give a simple explanation:


USB volume knob was first plugged into PC about a month ago, has been working flawlessly


I moved my tower because I was rearranging furniture so of course I had to completely unplug every thing.


Now, my USB volume knob does not work after waking up from sleep. I can unplug/replug from the USB port and that will make it work again, or I can restart and it works no problem.


But when my PC wakes up from sleep, volume knob does not work. The lights are on so its definitely getting power.


This is driving me crazy because absolutely nothing changed. No settings changed. I have a lot of USB ports on the back of the mobo, so I don't quite remember which exact port I plugged it into but I dont see how that would affect.


What I have tried to do is disable "Usb selective suspend setting" in power options but that did not work.


Send help!

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