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mc sever on a pi with 4gb 1.17.1 and older versons


renderTimingPixel.pngi have a groop of frends that wanted to play on a mc sever and sins we are all poor gentlemen

we did not want to spend 200kr per month on a sever = 20$ per month on a sever we got a pi to run at my home and we found out that there is no info online showing how to set one up after some time we got it running and we wanted to help others that have the same problem


so here is a step by step Gide



if something happens to your pi machine it is not my fault and i have not responsibility to what happens to you or your pi machine but if something do end up happen and it brakes. you can tell a wall or a peace of cake that it broke and not me or any of my friends


downlode the version of minecraft you want to play on for this example i will you 1.17.1 vinila


install the version of java you need.
i needed 1.16 java so i installed it with help of this reddit post

make a folder that you want to run the minecraft sever in or open terminal and tipe in
mkdir MinecraftServer
cd MinecraftServer


now put in your mincraft sever .jar file into your new minecraft sever folder


now run the minecraft sever with the command java -Xmx2500M -Xms2500M -jar server.jar nogui


You'll get a warning that you didn't accept the EULA, so now open "pico eula.txt" and set eula=true, then hit Ctrl-X and Yes to save the new file. Press the up key and run your command again.


run the command java -Xmx2500M -Xms2500M -jar server.jar nogui
and it will now start the mc sever


note i use a 4gb pi machine and it will be a bit lag to begin with so set the render disdens to 5 or 8 and you will need something cooling the pi i reused a old fan form a bitcoin miner and it work. and if something happens to your pi machine it is not my fault and i have not responsibility to what happens to you or your pi machine

good luck and i hope i helped






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