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I found a cool small thing about iPhones that might be interesting

I found that the pixel turn on/off response time is reduced when you under power the screen of the iPhone included with increased ghosting affects, I’m pretty sure it is with iPhones with oled panels(I’ve got a iPhone XS Max), so basically you go into settings/accessibility/display and text size and turn on reduce white point and turn the value up to 100%[MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS IN A DARK ROOM], or you won’t be able to see the screen, then make sure the iPhone screen brightness is turned down to 0, then you should be set, to show the affect of the reduced brightness, go back to the settings and stay in the “display and text size” section and just scroll up and down, the writing should turn black while you scroll but when you stop you can see the writing again, another example is by going to the Home Screen and swiping from left to right you can see a black trail from dark apps with turned off pixels, you can also see ghosting from other apps(Spotify is a good example of leaving a black trail).

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