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Windows 11 downgrade broke the windows 10 boot


hello! rolled back from windows 11 yesterday and i got stuck in a bootloop "recovering from backup" or something like that and it crashed and rebooted 40+ times would not get past that message so i desided to try to plugin my windows 10 intall usb and got into the repair menu tried startup repair did not work but when i do boot from other OS and choose my now rollbacked windows 10 it boots just fine so there is something wrong frome the time the drive is chosen to boot and util it loads windows is my guess but can i fix this? im using this pc now to type this so the usb trick works for now but its annoying and i cannot boot into safemode to do a clean install of my GPU drivers

Cpu: intel i7 4790k    Motherboard: MSI GAMING 5   GPU:Nvidia GTX 980Ti   PSU: Corsair AX 760 PSU  RAM:Crucial DDR3 Ballistix Tactical 24GB RG  SSD: OZC Vertex 4 128GB  HDD: 2x1tb WD  Case: Thermaltake Level 10GT Snow edition! 

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