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Input Lag in Windows not in Games when using USB Hub in Monitor


Hi all,


I have the following issue:



Mouse and Keyboard have a huge input Lag/Freeze/Typing keys several times in Windows and only in Windows.



  • As soon as I start a game like valorant the lag disappears, hence I don't think this is a hardware issue.
  • Connecting the monitor via USB-C resolves the issue.
  • Connecting Mouse/Keyboard dongles directly to PC works also just fine.



My Mouse and Keyboard (Logitech g915 and Pro Superlight) are connected to my gigabyte M27q monitors USB hub. Monitor is connected via DP. The Hub is connect to my PC via the original USB (Type A?) cable that came with the monitor. The computer runs G-HUB with default settings. I have a second 1080p 75hz LG monitor connected via HDMI.


What I've tried:

  • I've updated monitors firmware and Motherboard BIOS.
  • I also freshly installed AMD drivers for my GPU as well as Chipset.
  • I've upgraded from windows 10 (same issue) to Windows 11 and reset to factory with wiping files
  • I have tried changing the USB ports on my PC and also only running one of the devices via the USB hub in case it would be a bandwith issue.
  • I have found this reddit post which goes into a similar direction but not exactly the same https://www.reddit.com/r/gigabyte/comments/kr4ba6/gigabyte_m27q_kvm_lag/


Now I know the workarounds above sound good but I need the USB-C connection for my laptop. Since the same USB-connection actually works when I start a game I assume this is software related. Any idea what would change between connecting via USB-C/USB-A and starting a game? I've read some things about harware accelartion for mouse (and keyboard?) in windows being an issue but don't understand why this would change with USB-C.


Any suggestions welcome.






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