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System/Ntoskrnl.exe has 30% CPU usage on idle

I've recently noticed a significant decrease in performance while gaming so I decided to check Task Manager to see what was up. I found that the "System" process was constantly at 30% CPU usage even on idle, I've checked other forums and articles on and tried multiple potential fixes to no avail. 


I did try one thing which temporarily "fixed" the issue which was to disable all processes on startup using msconfig which did drop the system usage a lot but also led to there being a bunch of other issues since a lot of essential services have been turned off, I've turned all the windows services back on and just turned off services for other applications but left things like steam client on.


I just wanted to know if you guys could come up with any fixes for me if you have experience with similar issues, I'll attach a bunch of photos to make it clearer.


Edit: I've also disabled most startup processes in task manager.





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When I personally see something like that I do a clean install and see if it goes away and if it does I monitor it to see if/when it comes back.  If it does I go hunting for a culprit.  If it DOESN’T go away I look at the software I’ve got to see if any of it could be doing that.  If it turns out it’s windows I activate see hidden files to see what part of windows is doing it and if I can live without that part.  Most often that part turns out to be some shovelware garbage. 

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