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Is Beat Saber for the PC better than the Quest 2 version?

I want to know if it is worth buying beat saber again on the PC when I already have it on the Quest 2?

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From my understanding, the only real differences are that it's easier to mod in extra songs, and the graphics a bit better. If you wanna mod the crap out of it and get a ton of songs, sure go for the PC version, but otherwise it's probably not worth it.

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As stated above, modding is a lot easier and there is more tools.


Also, by my understanding, Noodle Extension is only on PC.  I play Beat Saber from Steam into my Quest 2 and it runs pretty well.  Also, easier to use tools like BSLegacy to keep an older version on hand when the devs update the game resulting in mods being broken for a bit on the new updates.

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