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Can someone get me in touch with linus

mate the dumb
32 minutes ago, mate the dumb said:

So the other day i was thinkingbof getting some sponsors so i immediately thought linus can help me in that. So please someone help me get in touch with linus by email.

This would be your best option: https://linusmediagroup.com/contact-us


Whether or not they'll respond, is another question.

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Wait, what exactly do you want?

Do you want to pay them to be featured in one of their videos (sponsor them) or do you want tips on getting sponsors? If it's the former, contact them through the link above. If it's the latter, then don't even bother. You will just be wasting their time.

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If you have some project for school etc. ask local companies. If you are content creator, sponsors will contact you when you are big enough to give them value.

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