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Pls help for my Bsod X_X

Years ago when I was a kid. I messed up my windows 8.1 by turning it off that the bsod happened and today I forgot my password so i can't fix it with the command prompt since it needs a password. pls help ill do anything to fix it 😞

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Just reinstall Windows?


There can't be anything too vital on this machine you need to save if you've gone without it for "years." 


Maybe I don't understand the actual situation here. It sounds like you just forgot the Windows password to an old PC. What does the BSOD have to do with it?

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It is against forum policy to assist with unlocking passworded operating systems or bios's. 

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-= Locked =-


As mentioned, this topic violates the Community Standards.

Unfortunately, we cannot assist you with bypassing password protection.


Do what you can to save what you need from the HDD and clean install WIndows.


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