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Samsung C24FG73 insane brightness flickering

I had this monitor for 4 years now. And I started noticing it's problems after upgrading to a 3060 laptop from a 970 desktop. The desktop had a CPU bottleneck issue so I thought that was the problem why games didn't look so smooth even at 100+ FPS. But god dam is this monitor trash. I can't afford to change it anytime soon. I actually wanna upgrade to a 2K 144hz but that doesn't seem possible right now. So I started looking for ways to fix this issue around the internet and most useful source I could find is this video: 

I lowered the higher limit all the way down to 140 and fixed the frame rate limit to 140 across the system on NVidia Control Panel. This made the gaming experience 10000x smoother. I can't believe I bothered with this stutter-like issue for 4 years, for no reason. And that's gone now. But there was another issue which happened from time to time which is brightness flickering. It feels like the monitor is turning on and off 3 times every second. The video title even says flickering fix but now it's even worse. It happens ALL THE TIME when I'm in a game. The game just becomes unplayable because the screen is disturbing me on a different level. And even though I have Freesync on my monitor and G-sync in the Nvidia Control Panel Turned on, there is still screen tearing. Is there any way to fix this? If you know, please let me know too. Thanks for your time 🙂 

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